Tangram :

The Tangram is a chinese puzzle. The object is to put seven geometric shapes together so as to form a given outline. All the pieces must be used and are laid next to one another. The pieces are five triangles, a square and a parallelogram:

Sometimes there is more than one solution. They're all accepted as long as they have the same outline. For example the red and the blue figures below are NOT the same.

gTans features:

Requirements :

gTans has been tested on Linux/Intel (Slackware 7.0 and Mandrake 6.0) and Solaris/Sparc. It works with FreeBSD, probably with Linux/UltraSparc (version 1.0 did) and maybe other Unices (please let me know).

Screenshots :

Download :

Source files:

Sources (includes all the additionnal files except japanese and chinese localisation) : gtans-1.2.tar.gz (173 kb)

Binary :

Debian (packaged by J.M. Bourdaret) : gtans_1.1-2_i386.deb (165 kb)
RPM (packaged by Arturo Espinosa) : gtans-1.1-1.i386.rpm (170 kb)

Additional NLS files :

Russian (made by Valek Filippov) : gtans-ru.tar.gz (5 kb)
Ukrainian (made by Dmytro Koval'ov) : gtans-uk.tar.gz (5 kb)
Polish (made by Bartosz Taudul) : gtans-pl.tar.gz (5 kb)
Czech (made by C. McCohy) : gtans-cs.tar.gz (5 kb)
Turkish (made by Arman Aksoy) : gtans-tr.tar.gz (5 kb)
Chinese (made by Sweetsea Chen) : gtans-big5.tar.gz (5 kb)
Japanese (made by Shunsuke Gotoh) : gtans-ja.tar.gz (5 kb)

If you're interested in adding support for a new language, the files (from the sources package) to translate are gtans-1.2/gtanshelp.txt and gtans-1.2/po/gtans.po.

Additional figures files :

Simply unzip the file (> gunzip somefile.figures.gz). You may want to put it with the other ones in /usr/share/gtans/figures/ (or /usr/share/games/gtans/figures/).

alpha.figures.gz (6 kb) : letters and numbers (83 figures)

History :

1.2 :
No Changes at all. Only included the additionnal files.
1.1 :
Minor bug fixes. 130 more figures. Adjustable precision of the figure recognition. Remembering of the solved figures. Allow to change the size of the tans. NLS (added by Arturo Aldama Espinosa).
1.0 :
Bug fixes. 130 more figures. Help functions. License is now GPL.
0.1 :
initial release.

To do:

Feel free to send comments, bug reports,... : Philippe Banwarth <bwt@users.sourceforge.net>.

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